Baltimore, MD

I'm not associated with Otakon, other than having attended it several times. These pages here are a collection of my galleries and memories of these past conventions.

For those who find this page and don't know what Otakon is, it's a convention on the East Coast of the USA. The primary theme of the convention is Japanese animation, which the non-Japanese fans have come to call 'anime.' In reality 'anime' is a Japanese term applied to any animation from any country. Otakon has come to include a little Hong Kong cinema as well as anime, and many of the cosplay people do costumes based on outfits worn by the more flamboyant Japanese rock stars.

The convention events include panels held for Japanese guests who are involved in the production of anime, panels for American guests involved in the distribution of anime (or the production of anime-influenced products), and panels by the convention staff and attendees for a variety of reasons. There are video rooms displaying a variety of different shows running nearly all hours of the day and night, a fully-stocked video game room, a dealer room where you can spend your money, a cafe/karaoke room, and a live-action game. There are a variety of other events as well.

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