Celtic Sources and Books

Although I'm unsure of the ratios of my heritage as far as balances between English, Scottish, and Irish blood, I do know that a sizeable portion lies within these 'Celtic' lines. (for those reading this as 'seltic' please .. the basketball team does not understand the PROPER pronunciation is 'keltic' .. thanks *grin*) The wonderful thing about the net is that I have several friends over in Great Britian and the various isles there. :) With their guidance I've been cleared up on a few points at least, and I've also made several trips over to England, Scotland, Wales, and while it's not Celtic, to Italy. :)

I will take a moment to mention to those that think Celtic is a very narrow range of areas, that you need to remember that much of what is Celtic comes from a variety of tribes that were forced into Great Britain by the advancing Romans. I want to do some looking into this as well. France, Germany, and part of Spain are regarded as having Celtic roots. (check out The Chieftans 'Santiago' album. It's a fun set) I'll be dropping various links here that will provide good places to either read here on the Web or books to read. (yeah! get away from that screen for a little while!) :) :) :)

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